IE UI Improvement


Okay, I know that complaints on interface matters probably aren't the most serious of matters, however, Aqua is one of the major reasons I believe most of us switched to OS X. Anyway, if any of you ever go into the Microsoft newsgroups, perhaps you've heard my complaints. Internet Expolorer has always used proprietary controls for buttons and pop-up menus, a feature used with the Windows version of IE. Howver, even in OS X, with it's beautiful UI, have to stare at fake OS 9 controls! We don't have the buttons and the pop-up menus that help make the browsing experience more pleasent. Not to mention that looking at IE's bright interface and the rest of OS X, and then staring at OS 9 like controls makes it even more confusing (those of you that have used earlier versions of X and IE understand this when Microsoft kept it's own version of Aqua). Anyway, everyone is probably wondering what my whole point is. While I'm not good at doing searches on pre-released software, perhaps some of you are. I need to know if the final version of IE 5.5 for OS X will include or have the option to have real aqua controls. Or, if anyone knows a hack, please tell me. Also, if you agree with my point of view, or think it's an absolute waiste of valuble data, feel free to post your opinions.