If Apple made Windows 98.......

If Apple made Windows 98 and designs for run Mac softwares only, would you buy it?

  • I would buy it!

  • No way!

  • Maybe....

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Do you think Windows 98 is Apple's answer to get most business, schools, homes to use Mac.
I meant if Windows 98 was designed to run Mac softwares, not Windows software, would you buy it from Apple?

What has Win98 got that Apple could possibly want? Besides, if Win98 ran only Macintosh software, it wouldn't be Windows, would it. It'd be MacOS. And Apple already has that.
What I am saying that, Windows 3.1 was so hard for everyone most of people hate it.
Microsoft come up with Windows 95 and then most people likes it.

I am saying if Apple makes Windows 95 before Microsoft comes up with that idea, then business, schools, homes would switch to Macintosh computers from PC/IBM Windows 3.1.

Also I don't think Apple would call it Windows 95....But I think they would call it Mac OS 8.0, or something like that...
Just in case you don't know what happened long time ago...

Before Windows 95 was created, Windows 3.1 was very hard, Mac OS 7.5 was so easy, but many, many business have Windows 3.1.

Microsoft comes up with new OS Windows 95, then business, schools, homes likes Windows 95 better than Mac OS 7.5. Then Windows 95 becomes so populor.

Let's say, Apple comes up with "easy-to-use" OS, they made thier OS exctly same as Windows 95, but Microsoft never ever made Windows 95, Apple call it Mac OS 8.0 then here what would happen:

People starting to like Mac OS 8.0 better than Windows 3.1, ALSO Microsoft cannot copy Apple's OS becasue that would be illegal.
Then Microsoft stop making Windows system.

Do you think that would happen or not?


I have seen many company, colleges uses Windows 95/98/ME.
If only Apple comes up with that before Microsoft come up with that!!!!!!!
...er.... microsoft cannot copy apple's os because that would be illegal?
you don't seriously think they care, do you? where did microsoft steal most of its early ideas? same place as apple ... xerox. : )
where did microsoft steal the design and name of windows xp? mac os x... they even stole the little ducky in the users menu ... (see kenny's avatar ... )
if you really want to know how interested microsoft is in serious, honest competition as opposed to mafia-style methods,
check this out: http://www.opensource.org/halloween/ ... :p
If Win98 by apple were as buggy and stupid and had the blue scree o death and sucked like it does and apple made upgrade every year which were bugfixes and you had to pay $100 for ach one of em and so on.... NO :p

If windows 98 looked like MacOS 9, I would ;)... oh hey! I did buy OS 9 :p