If this is true....

Hmmm....interesting concept. 128 Mb of memory? That's HUGE. Speaking of huge, what's with that hinge? I don't think Apple would stray so far from the well established form factor of Palms and PocketPCs. Plus, we'd be running in to the whole problem of Apple vs the rest of the industry. PDA's are not the place to be right now, even with all the functionality of this one.

That said....I LOVE the concept!
The hinge I like,
Palms & PocketPCs make you pay for protection that should be there.
What I dont like is the size of it (looks like the size of a newton 2100, the device SHOULD be smaller, on par with palms and pocketPCs)
Also I dont like the fact that it is not expandable. No mention of PCMCIA, Ir, Bluetooth, CompacrFlash or SmartMedia.

"One of our informers has had a chance to take a few photographs of the iWalk-device that are shown below. "

these are graphic prototype rendition... not even close to be photographs...

The story lost a lot of credibility there...

This would be definatly cool, but the images don't look right, they look like they are in a shower and the 'iWalk' doesn't look like its sitting all the way on the shelf. So I agree with the above about the loosing credibility.

Would still be cool though and assuming that the price wasn't very high I would get one.
It looks cool, but I also think it's safe to say that Apple has come to the realization that the iSomething craze was found dead in a ditch somewhere in Iowa quite a while ago. Speaking of which, anyone want to take a guess as to what the next prefixed-letter-craze is going to be? I'm gonna guess "q"
I think the next product will have a V in front ... :p
Think about it vBook he he ... it will be the next killer system, a mac that can at 100% of the speed emulate any other system. No need to buy a PeeCee or Sun or SGI... a mac can do it it all (with a cherry on top :p)
let's just say that

- Apple has to announce something that's better than the rest
- there are already PDAs that cannot truly be used for video/sound
- Apple *has* MPEG4 stuff and a good idea about streaming media


The machine they release should have at *LEAST*

- 128MB Ram, because the competition isn't far away
- MP3 capabilities *plus* streaming from network/AirPort
- videostreaming. There's no space on a small device, but streaming QT-videos or DivX could be *really* cool, wouldn't it.
- PDA features. For people just won't buy something to play video (they already *got* a tv, and if you're only able to use it within AirPort range, you can as well sit down in front of the telly.

Have in mind that Apple *had* a great PDA. It lacked some things, true, but it was already where no other PDA is now with handwriting recognition. If a - albeit small - group of Newton devs had a few years to develop this thing, together with the QuickTime and iTunes group, this could be it. Apple never said they wouldn't reenter the PDA market. And the rumors about Apple buying Palm could also have been part of a plan to make WinCE extinct together. Maybe Steve Jobs just said: "Okay, now let's win the world alone!"

They have the design capabilities.
They have the experience in operating system design.
They have the experience in media software (QuickTime invented Multimedia!).

Now they're going to release the hardware. Guess it'll be high-priced enough to scare some consumers away. But they'll *SO* want one that a second generation of the product, where there'll be a highend and a lowend version might just catch everyone. Remember how the TiBook raised the interest in people? Most of them couldn't afford it. And *then* the iBook came. People buying an iBook also buy some imaginary stock in the coolness of the TiBook.

Long post, I know. But I had to say all this before Tuesday. Well, it's Tuesday here already. :)
If apple did buy palm it wuold be sort of ironic :p
for 2 reasons:

1) A lot of palm people came from apple once the newton division went south

2) Palm bought off Be inc, which was made by Jean Louis Gassee, a former apple person, so in essence it would be like bringing people "back to the family"

On The MPG4 point, I think that if apple bundled a mini DVD drive (like a mini CD drive but in DVD format, higher capacity) movies could come out in that format (Dvix).. a more portable movie player ;)

Also wireless communications would be a BIG plus, wireless connectivity with a cell phone (that is what I dont have with my newton... *snif :(* ) Bluetooth is a must! IrDA too.

Also MacOS X lite would not work, it would be a disaster! OS X would have to be modified alla newtonOS to be a PDA OS.

This device was created in a 3d application. The apple logo on the front is far too bright versus the rest of the grainy pictures and one of the photos shows a login screen yet there's no place to type (ie. no keyboard) and no place to hold a handwriting recognition pen on the device. If you are supposed to only type when it's connected to your iMac - where's the usb cable going to the machine for that screen shot? To make a short story long: this is a fake.