If Wolfenstein a good game???


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How good is Return to Castle Wolfenstein?

When I saw shots of it in GamePro a few months ago, I thought it looked neat. ANd they said it was more complex. (Not just get the key, open the door)

Is there a Demo of it I can play by myself? Or does the Multiplayer Demo work one player?

I may want to get it if it's good.
the multiplayer demo will only work for online multiplayer gaming ...

the graphics are pretty cool, it's nice and fast on my machine with a dsl connection, no slowing down or anything, but, to be quite honest, i found it a bit boring after a couple of plays... obviously it depends on which kind of game you like, but to me, wolfenstein was like quake except darker and everyone wears either allied uniforms or nazi uniforms... apart from that i couldn't see much difference... lots of shooting and shouting and most of the time you're dead after a couple of seconds because some adolescent idiot who is supposed to be on your team has just shot you in the back ... :)
the single player version may be a lot better than this (hopefully it has a plot)...
all in all, imho it can't measure up to the good ol' days of doom ... :)

worth downloading and trying yourself anyway if you like shooters ...
hope my little review was of use ... :)
I downloaded the demo yesterday, and I think the graphics look pretty good. Unfortunately, my iMac DV SE 500 is pretty much too slow to play it at acceptable speeds. :(
Well, I only have a 450 iMac DV+. What about resolution. If I were to play it at a smaller res like 640x480 or so? I'm used to that res anyway.
I played it at 640x480; low rez details/textures etc...
32 bit screen depth
Still waaaays too slow :(
a G4 466 with an additional ATI Radeon card... this game is fabulous!!!!

I have been sneaking a game of this everytime everyone leaves the studio (even though I'm the boss, I ain't got much say!):p