If you miss an episode

I'm watching last week's episode right now 6pm EST on UPN... I missed it due to a celtics game.


Thought some others had said they missed it, too. Hope this reaches you in time.
It was a good episode. Finally some crew members get air time.


Porthos has "gone where no dog has gone before."

Beware the rock people.


mach-o mach-o man
Although the epsodes have been getting ok, they all are absolute saturday morning cartoons compared to The Next Generation.

The characters were better, the theme song was better (low blow, I know...), the stories were better (they brought closure, yet left room for much more), the ship was cooler, bla bla bla

ok, so I'm stiff as bill gates in a jar of liquid nitrogen, but still... sniff sniff sniff... Where is Picard?!?!

the borg? Tasha Yahr, Worf, Riker, Data (gosh I miss that guy)..... the list goes on.

Now we have the expressionless volkin lady I want to strangle every day, the smirking captin and his pooch, the translator that doesn't know anything yet is on the federation's flag ship, the doctor from who knows where that belongs as a side on fruit salad, and lets not forget the other crew members who all lump into the "might as well have been a walk on" character group...

pant pant pant pant...

ok, I feel better now. Flame on!
I agree - kinda.

I remember the first few times I saw TNG. I was thinking this is pansy crap! where's kirk, bones "I'm a doctor not a busboy!" McCoy, Montgomery "ya canna mix mattah and antimattah" Scott, Spock, etc... But the characters developed. Picard sucked until maybe the 2nd or third season when stewart had some input. Tasha was mediocre until the whole time travel thing, Romulan captivity and mating and her daughter came back. Worf was a mere outline of a character at best until much later.

Anyway, my point is that they are concentrating on the main characters to give us an idea of their basic types. It takes time to flesh out a real honest to (insert diety here), believable character.

And, the episodes are improving rapidly. Hopefully it won't take a season or two, as it has in the past, to have a most excellent program.


mach-o mach-o man
Good point, I watched the first epsode of TNG the other day, and while it was ok, it was very fruty compared with some of the origional series movies and epsodes.

So prehaps there is hope!