If you want 10.1 spoiled for you, read this!

There are better things to do than to crash the computers!

I remeber something that you tricked the user into running, and an installation bar would come up and lock out the rest of the OS. The bar would first tell then that it was deleting everything, then installing Mac OS!:D
I am tired of waiting for 10.1 to come out..
I wanna see what it looks like...umm..well not really what it looks like but to feel its speed, and "new" functions, I wanna see its DVD player in action...burning in action....and possibly greek in action.

I dont like downloading builds though :( ...takes too long....

when is 10.1 coming out already ? :p

has anyone had a chance to try any prebuild on a powerbook (g4)?

the dvd in os9 is horrible. it lags like crazy when your using the menu's, and etc.

anyone know if it will be better for os x? is their any chance ill be able to multitask (dvd and irc) ?
I tried watching a DVD yesterday on 10.1 and it runs really good.
Speed is much better than OS 9!
I love OSX and I hope you all get the OSX 10.1 update at the end of this month.
I have 5g48 on a ti400 (256), DVD is acceptable but it will stutter if you :
1. Move the window around the screen
2. Run the mouse through the dock
3. Have multiple downloads happening
It is a vast improvement over recent builds and one can only surmise that 10.1 GM will be perfect.
Originally posted by tsmith
I was pleased to hear about the App that needs attention bouncing in the dock. It really used to piss me off in 10.0.x when you hear an error alert but as there in no app menu you didn't know which app it was. Does anyone know what happens if you have the dock hidden and an app needs attention.

If the dock is hidden, it'll show a bouncing icon appearing at the bottom on the screen, so you'll sure know. It's a great feature and I like it a lot!
You do have a point there. It's not good to give sensational reviews because then people expect more than they will get.
I say we all say 10.1 is absolute crap and when it does come out it will blow everyone's minds :D