Ignore privleges...


Hey, Look!
On both of my hard drives, under info, privileges, there's a checkbox to ignore privileges on the drive, and I was wondering how checking this would effect the usability of the drives. Does anyone know?

One thing, I did click the box for my OS 9 drive and afterwards got a message when staring classic saying that it needed to add some stuff to my system folder, and that only went away after I had unclicked the box and resarted into 9.1 and back.

I'd stay away from that unless you are the only user of your mac and it is not connected to a network/the internet.

ignore Privileges.... sounds like NT... definitely stay away from that.

I don't know why Classic was complaining.
There's definitely some kind of flaw with that feature. I have two partitions, one is 9.1, other is 10.04. I ignored privileges on 9 and when launching Quark (and other apps) in classic, got messages saying that I didn't have permission to do things. The apps wouldn't complete launching.

Serious problems there. In fact, I find other oddities with privileges.