Ill give you money if you answer this!!!!!!


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Hi there. My name is whitesaint. I am having a simple problem with Cocoa and i just cannot figure it out. I am working on an application. I have a subclass of NSObject and a subclass of NSView. I want my NSView to access an NSString from my subclass of NSObject. Is there anyway this is possible? Please, Please, Please. I am so desperate for this and have tried so hard that i will send money to whoever answers me question! I know ill be flamed on these boards if i dont as well. Can anyone please please answer this? Thanks in advance:(

hey sorry i already got the question answered last night. It was from one of the developers at And im sorry but thats not the correct way to do it. I had to make an outlet connection to the NSTextView, then i got the string from that by using the [stringValue] method. Then when i had that string i was able use the [setString] method to do what i wanted with it. Oh well thanks for your help anyway. :)