Illegal Access Attempts W/smc Wireless 802.11b


I have a teeny lil' wireless network with a 12" aluminum powerbook
and a new 12" ibook set up at home.
I've configured the SMC server to email the security logs, and to my shock I receive about 20 emails aday telling me that the log is full!
that means that there are about 100 access attempts an hour by various addresses to get on my network!
could that be right? or do those attempts just reflect pings or searches by my random neighbor's computers looking for wireless
networks, not really attempted intrusions...

I've also noticed at times being kicked off my own network, preceded by a strange sluggishness in my mouse ( it's like it has lethargy and cerebral palsy at the same time).

I have WAP protection, and also MAC address filtering on, so it would seem to me that the router shouoldn't have any trtouble
keeping only my 2 computers on the network, but it does.

any help would be greatly appreciated.