Illustrator Cs


I had Illustrator CS installed on my mac, then had to take it off because of font issues. I have been trying to reinstall it and when i put in my mac password, it gives me an error about Installer Vise and it won't install. i have tried to change my password and it doesn't help. I need my Illustrator! Any ideas on how to fix this? (Other applications have been installed just fine). thank you!
Log in as the Root user and install from there. Or use the Sudo command in the terminal to do it if you feel comfortable doing that.
i agree with macGizmo,

if you do not know how to log in as a root user you have to go into your applications folder, then in there go into the utilities folder. open up netinfo manager, and from the menu above goto security then "enable root user" (you might have to setup a password)

log out of your account and login as "root" with the password you just set.
install illustrator cs. then log out of "root" then back into your account... you should now have CS in your applications. add it to your dock and voila.

If that does not work you can try something more advanced...
goto macHD(your hard drive)>library>receipts>

then look for any illustrator cs PKG files in that folder and delete them
then try re-installing