Illustrator for OS X OUT NOW!!!!

Don't know......I have been using Freehand 10 for a month and really like it. I am still 'thinking' about should I also upgrade Illustrator or not.

If Illustrator 10 came before Freehand I of course would get Illustrator without thinking twice....but now....

Adobe probably will be losing another business with me....
Go Adobe!

The other day I was thinking about why they didn't start by porting their flagship app (Photoshop) first. After discussing it with a friend, he made a good point:

Photoshop has no real competition (yeah, yeah, I know there's like seven Corel users and some other obscure bitmap editor fans, but believe me, Photoshop has no equivalent). Anyway, Freehand is a serious threat to AI, so it only makes sense to port the most threatened apps first. Take GoLive for example, also threatened by Dreamweaver, next on the list. And gee, how about InDesign? Yup, I smell a Quark fight.

Photoshop, as awesome as it would be in X has no serious threats and can wait for round two.
eh, I got Canvas 8 some time ago; I hate Illustrator's interface. The only two Adobe apps which don't make me wretch are Photoshop and PageMill.
The toolbars, the popup windows, everything... so pretty. I want to lick it.

Office v.X too... all microsoft problems aside, the interface is yummy. Had to keep my roommate from trying to eat my damn iBook.