Illustrator Save as EPS options


I am trying to understand how to use the Include Document fonts under the Save as EPS options. According to Illustrator 10 help:

Include Document Fonts

Includes all fonts that are used in the artwork. This ensures that the original font is used for display and printing on computers that do not have the font installed. (Selecting the Embed Fonts option increases the size of the saved file. You cannot embed protected Japanese fonts.)

To test it, I created this new EPS file with Document fonts included, and then I moved it to another computer without the font installed. And I opened it in Illustrator and it does not recognize the font that was supposed to be included. Why?


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I'm not sure why Illustrator says it will include the fonts when even InDesign won't do this. It's never worked for me either!

I got a program called Art Files that will collect your fonts and placed graphics for you, just like a Package for Output in InDesign. I think it's only $20 or so.

I just read while researching that in order to embed fonts you have to save out as .ai files (adobe illustrator) not .eps:

Hope this helps!