"I'm 'a drop the FUNK bomb on ya!!"


Do not attempt to adjust your web browser, I have taken over to bring you this very special message:

This is something that I've been laughing about for sometime now (and hinting at with the language of some of my posts) but with George Clinton playing such a big role in this new iTunes commercial I just gotta say something.

If you listen to George and P-Funk you'lle know that they talk a lot about the Aquaboogie (baby), as in Psychoalphadiscobetabioaquadooloop. And how (depending on 'where you get your funk from') you can dance underwater and not get wet. In funk, to swim means to dance. So a lot of songs are about the underwater boogie.

Also they always talk about Sir Nose, D-Void of Funk. He can't swim, he never could swim, he never will swim. (There is an on going battle where Starchild is trying to force old-smell-o-vision to dance by playing progressivley funkier music.) I'm curious, does anyone know if Bill Gates can swim? I remember a wired cover with him in a pool, but he was floating on some sort of chair thing (and besides it could have been done with Photoshop). Was he trying to convince us he can dance? Does he know that funk is not domestically produced?

Could George have been predicting the future of computing back in the day?? He is from outter space, right? At least Bootsy or Bernie have to be.

Whatever...tomorrow when I get my mail I'm going to put a glide in my stride and a dip in my hip. I'm off to join the mothership.
Fanciful thinking, but I'll bet Bill Gates is no more Sir Nose than Bill Clinton was an Atomic Dog. Then again...