I'm not sure what to call this...


Hey, Look!
Occasionally I'll launch an app and the icon will appear in the upper left hand corner of my screen rather than in the dock. I'm not sure if it hinders my usage of the app or not (I forget... it hasn't happened in a while...) but it sure is strange...

Anyone else ever have this happen?
I've had the same thing happen. The icon works just like a dock icon, but it is stuck outside of it. Kind of strange. I just restarted the dock with force wuit I think or using kill, I don't remember which. you can also just quit the program and then open it again.
and i thougt i saw about everything... never seen it. Kind of strange i think because i refuse to work in OS 9 for,... whatever, to long ago (okay, not on the job, i'll have to work in OS 9, shame on me).

Seems like a cosmetical problem. What's your current version of OS X ? if it aint up-to-date that might be the problem.