I'm running 9.1 and OS X

The way I did it is this:

I have three partitions: One with OS 9.1, one with OS 9.04, and one with OS X. Simply tell OS X to use the 9.04 system for classic, and Bob's yer uncle!

I had problems trying to boot off the new 9.04 installation, but apart from that classic seems to load OK and I can run the classic apps that I want to. When I want to boot into OS 9 I select the OS 9.1 partition. Too easy!

[Rev. A iMac with 96 MB Ram]

I mean, I'm not trying to diss you or anything, but so what? Someone tell me if that wasn't obvious. It's a sort of there thing that really doesn't seem to matter. Is OS 9.1 that much better than OS9.04? And if so, why not trash OS9.04 and just not use classic.. Then just boot in 9.1. If you don't want to have to do a lot of reinstalling (or read up alot on pdisk), it just sort of seems like, "uhmmm.... okay."

Well, since I already had the other partition set up, all it meant was running the OS 9 install and an update or two. No extra partitioning necessary...

Yeah, I know it's obvious, just thought some of you might like to know that 9.1 doesn't preclude you from running the classic environment in OS X. Everyone has different reasons for doing things - I need classic, and wanted to try out OS9.1. If you don't want to run 9.1 and classic on the same computer, then don't do what I suggested :)