I'm totally bent out of shape right now...


I am the law!
All I want to do is upgrade my primary video card in my G4. You CAN'T buy a geforce, which leaves the Radeon...which is fine, cuz it's a decent card. BUT WHY IS THE MAC VERSION 200+ DOLLARS AND THE PEECEE VERSION IS ONLY 80??!? And you can't even get the 64MB version of the card.

This isn't th eonly example either....
I buy mac software simply so that the numbers count. I want developers to continue to support the macos, and they simply won't if we ALL pirate software.

Anyway, I bought quake 3 arena when it came out. I paid 50 bucks for the mac version when the PC version was only 29. Do you realize that the only difference between the mac and pc version of this game is the 1.3MB application file that is a free download anyway? The rest of the game [the big part] which contains all the textures and stuff is IDENTICAL to the PC version. I could have bought the PC version, copied the files off of the CDROM and downloaded the game application.

There are many different versions of the radeon. The cheap 80 buck one is SLOWER than what you get with the mac version. The equivalent pc version costs just as much as the mac version.