Imac 17" G4 1.25 Neck Assembly



I have an iMac G4 1.25 mhz of which the display is not working correctly. The computer boots and can be viewed with an external monitor. The attached LCD display turns on, but is all grey.

I've asked around and found that it could be the neck assembly. I have a source for a new neck, but I am looking for opinions.

Do you also think it is the neck assembly or something else?

Is switching out the neck a tricky repair? The most dificult repair I have ever made was upgrading a hard drive on a clam shell G3 iBook. Wondering if this is something I can do myself. I have a lead on a used neck.

Thanks for you ideas.



Mac of the SubGenius! :-)
Sounds like you have set the external monitor as the primary (and ONLY) display.

Head over to System Preferences and select Displays. Once there, check to see if you have a button that allows you to detect the displays. If so, click it and see what happens. If I am correct, it should detect the internal display and show on both monitors. Just make sure that if it doesn't do it already, that you designate the internal monitor as your primary display and the external as your secondary.