iMac/233, enough RAM?


i have an imac rev a with 96mb of ram. is it enough? i'm not planning to use the classic mode so ... i was told this was enough. :)
mac os x want to install and it does but it crashes at the end of the installation process. is this a one-time error or will it continue to happen? :(
please help i really want mac os x on my imac!

tx ;)
- anerki
yeah, itshould be enough if youdon't want classic - you might get alot of disk thrash when switching apps though if you have a bunch of stuff open
oki, i'm gonna try installing mac os x again tonite :confused:
i'll post sth here if it works allright :)
and i'm pretty sure i can handle the trash, you see my room yet? :D
So, I finally make it install on the bloody iMac and guess what. If I try to boot in Mac OS X I just get a grey screen! If I hold option nothing happens :( If I reinstall it, nothing happens :( If I try to find System Disk on the Mac OS 9 partition, nothing happens :( Why? System Disk is on the Mac OS 9 part on the Mac OS X partition and I can't open it! :( Somebody pleeez, HELP!

:( :( :( :( :(

*anerki orders a shotgun from eBay to use tomorrow on the iMac if it doesn't boot Mac OS X*
im running the same configuration here, iMac rev b with 96 Megs, and its working fine.
i able to run the Classic somethimes but nothing else should be open.
try formating your disk into 2 partitions, a 2.5 gb for os 9 and 1.5 for X, both should be HFS+
this wont help much, i know, but its hard to install it. i used to had a Operation not permited problem, and i could install it.
I also have to partitions (2x 10Gb) and both of them are HFS+. The installation went fine but if I want to boot in Mac OS X, the computer just gives me a gray startup screen and I can't do anything (option/shift/control/...) until I insert a bootable CD with Mac OS 9 on it :(
I am also running a RevA iMac with 96mb of ram. I work for a professional webdevelopment company so the NIX/Mac combo is a real turnon for me, but I'm wondering if this install of MacOSX would hinder my productivity in a lack of speed, and how my mac running OS 9 and MacOS X with carbon apps should compare in speed for the native apps.

Also, it is possible to install MacOSX without partitioning.. correct? I sure hope so..
It's not necassary to have partitions installed. Well, I tried installing it on partitions but I just can't do it :( Anyway, it works. Speed is ok but I really suggest you get another 64 SDRAM instead of the 32 in there now. Don't run Classic to often, it goes ok, not too slow but it uses RAM at an inredible speed :)