iMac 400 DV works fine



My experience: iMac DV 400 with 128 RAM. I made a partition on my 9Gbytes disk - first partition for MacOS 9.04 and second one for MacOS X beta.

It works very fine: PPP, surfing, HTML editing, graphical editing with Stone Design, mp3 listening.

I bought it in Paris (16 sept.) and I had only one crash, I find it rather good for a beta version :)

Some problems remaining:
* can not see other Mac in the 'Connect to server...' (other Macs run under 8.6 or 9) but can print via AppleTalk Ethernet. Strange.
* can not record sound or voice
* can not develop because development tools are missing

I will test Apache the following days and will install Darwin in order to attempt developping (C or Java could be fun)

Please talk about your experience about Darwin under OS X beta version...