iMac DV for sale!


So heres what I've got:

400Mgz iMac DV (indigo), 10 gig HD, 192 MB
OS 10.0.4
OS 9.1
lots of Dev software... wont list it all.

iSub (new, will ship in box)
Iomega Zip 100
Imation Floppy Drive

My iMac is in EXELENT condition, all of the cables are there, all of the papers too! I had a bad iMac when I first bought it, but Apple replaced it, so this is a young iMac... I also had problems with the ProMouse, again Apple replaced it. No scratches, no dents. I bought this computer myself, and as a student I dont have the money to go buy another computer. Im trying to get some money to buy an iBook. So if your at all interested please reply with a bid!
I'll bid...


I can currently get an older iMac 300mhz w/ 256ram for $300, so an extra 2hundred for what you have seems resonable from where I stand.
Let me know.
The older iMac your looking at has 300 mgz.. this is 500. This also has a larger hardrive and comes with an iSub, and external floppy drive.
Thats waayyy too little.. The iMac is alot better than a 300 mgz old iMac.. and the iSub and the Floppy dive alone is worth $140.

iSub was 60 (its brand new)
floppy was 80

The machine over all is faster/better becuase of the speed and size of the drive.. Plus i think that modle you are looking at only has a 66 bus.. this has 100...


Ok, ok....let me think about this!
I'll have to get back with you after I do more research.