iMac DV Speakers Clicking and Popping


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I hope someone can help. My sister was watching a DVD on her iMac DV/SE and every once and a while, there's a static clicking sound that comes from the speakers. She has a USB hub connected to one port and an iSub sub-woofer connected to the other USB port. What is causing the popping sound and is there a way to fix it? It is really annoying when you are trying to watch a DVD.
Are the speakers USB-powered? (E.G. - They are not plugged into wall power but powered from the USB bus)

If so; chances are they will click/pop from time to time. I used to have a pair of Altec Lansing speakers conncected to one of my PCs and they would always pop and hiss. I replaced them with normal wall powered speakers; and no more popping/crackling.

If it is the iMac's internal speakers making the sound I'm not exactly sure what it could be :confused:
I think I figured it out. It's an iMac so the speakers are internal.

The iSub sub-woofer was plugged directly into the iMac's USB port, so maybe there was interference with the speakers somehow. So I decided to plug the iSub directly into the iMac's keyboard.


I just upgraded the iMac to Tiger today and the static and popping is gone now. It might have been an OS 9 problem.