Imac Dvd Special Os X 10.2.8


Recently, I have been experiencing monitor problems. After I have had the mac off overnight upon startup I hear the chime and the mac startups, but the screen remains grey. I did discover that if I press the green button on the iMac and put the unit to sleep for just a moment then awaken it, the monitor is fine. Tried zapping PRAM, fixing permissions, trashing system.plist. Any suggestions. I thought it might be an energy saver issue but I cannot find the preference file for that. Thanks for your time.
Since my last lonely post, I have experienced a couple more odd things. My Energy Saver Panel and Screen Saver panel are usually no longer in my System Preferences Pane. When they do appear, they appear in the Other Category, at the bottom of of Preference Pane, and will not load.

I downloaded Pacify, which is supposed to install just packages of the OS X, to avoid a complete reinstall. Well, when I reinstalled the Energy Saver and Screen Effects packages; they still did not work. I located the preference files clicked on them. This used to bring up the panel; instead, it launched a web editor PageSpinner? I delete PageSpinner and those preference files started up again. Nothing.

However, the start-up problem seems to have lessened.
I was having the same issue with my unit running 10.2.8 and also followed most all the trouble shooting steps that you did.
My problems went away with the installation of OS 10.3. Try that and see what happens.
Fair wind and following seas.