Imac G3 233mhz Freezes


My wife is a school teacher and has 2 IMAC G3 233mhz computers that have the same problem, they freeze after using it for a few minutes. I believe the problem only occurs with use of Internet Explorer, but I'm still investigating. They both only have 32 megs of ram. I have deleted and re-installed IE 5.1 in one of the computers but no help. I am going to try deleting the IE preferences today after work but am looking for any additional help. Thanks.
Wow, those are what? 6-7 years old? You're looking at a format and reinstall scenario if there's no hardware problem, and at this point a hardware problem is likely. You could try running a fan on the machine to see if the problem is heat related...

All of my other solutions involve buying something, and at this point spending money on those machines is not advised. At least not by me.
Consider that you are using 32 MEGABYTES OF RAM. Apple eventually upgraded the iMac with 64 Mb because at the time 32 was very little even for back then when this model was introduced. See about getting someone to either purchase memory for these machines or get the administration to buy a new computer (preferably Macs...the Mac mini or even the eMac should suffice).
if you do reinstall the OS on the machine after formatting the drive and it does not help, try to boot off of the cd and see if that locks up too. if that also locks up then I would think it is either bad ram or a bad processor. I have had both of these things happen on these models. you can purchase used processors off of places like ebay and if you keep your eyes open you should be able to get them for maybe $10-15. Alot of people will not think that these machines are worth it, but depending on what you are using them for, they could be worth $15 bucks still. I actually have 4-5 spare processors because i still have 13 of the machines that use these same processors (well between me and my parents and brother).