iMac G4-800Mhz 17" flat -> UPGRADE DVD drive


After the BIG frustration - :( :mad: - I've spent numerous hours on the net to find a solution.
YET - I'm getting only close but still not sure what to do.
Here is the goal :
Replace Mac's standard INTERNAL "super"-drive (not so super)
I've found a link on the net explaining and discussing a replacement

Done this already numerous times to clean the iMac and also upgraded the hard drive.
Reading the above article it seems that there is a way to get a newer and better DVD-RW drive for the iMac
- especially FASTER ad more reliable.
For example the drive right now installed does not read all DVD's you can rent.

The next step I've taken is searching for possible replacement units SD start cp3&title=SuperDrive Your PowerMac

Here is a list of drives possibly matching my needs - but I don't know

Anybody out there with experience or expertise ????

Since I've not see any comment
Can I assume that I'm going for
Mission Impossible ??? :cool:

Please at least some hints