Imac G4 Screen Faded to Black


Hi. At startup my screen (iMac G4 swively-arm model) flashes for a split second then goes dark. I can barely make out the image, but not really. Is there a setting to test or reset, or is likely a hardware problem. (This is not the negative problem solved by the cntrl-option-cmd-8 key sequence.)

Thank you in advance.


Sounds like the backlight on your LCD is dead. Try shinng a torch at the screen when the machine is switched on. If you can see a picture it means your LCD display is connected to the computer OK.

If you still have warranty you should be able to get it fixed under that. If not there are several repair shops that can fix the backlight on laptops and other LCD's including iMacs. Phone them first to see if they can do it before turning up.

but before you go to all that trouble first try increasing the brightness on your LCD. You might just have the brightness turned down all the way ;-)

Just been googling: the backlight could be dead because the 'inverter' is broken. The inverter is a little circuit board located in the display casing that creates the high voltages needed by the backlight bulb/s. Still as long as the LCD is OK I doubt it would be an expensive fix.


Wow! This may be what happened to our G4 iMac. The screen just suddenly went black when I touched the mouse. At least this gives us a starting point for calling repair shops. We are way beyond warranty now.