iMac G5 as a monitor


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Hello. :) Ok, in about 3 years I'll be getting a computer, and I'm really excited because I'm getting it so soon!!
Ok, so here's the question. When I'm going to university I'll be getting a new mac, so either I'm going to get a powermac (mac pro) or a macbook pro. I havent decided. I'd love the powermac for it's fastness.. yet the macbook pro for its portability. So, my question is, is there any software that will let you use your iMac's built in monitor as a monitor for another computer by software? Like, say if I got a powermac I could get a usb coard and plug it into my iMac and then just use it as monitor? It'd save me $ on a monitor, and if I was to get a macbook pro it'd be a bigger monitor! (by 2 inches..)
Tell me if you know of anything. also, tell me if you think I'm crazzzyyy.....

oh yes, the iMac I have is a G5, 17", 2GHz processor, 512 mb ram, and lotsa lotsa porn on it! no I'm kidding. porn is for filthy filthy people.



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This was asked before and unfortunately, you can' least not without voiding your warranty. ;)

You can probably purchase something like a USB video capture and then send the signal from the MacBook/MacBook Pro to the iMac's screen. Don't know if this would work or be practical, but it looks good on paper. :D