Imac G5 Lost Network Connection


Hello -- I need help trying to get my network connection back. Airport is on, but there is no connection. When I click on Network there is no server information like there is on my iBook. There are three folders: applications, Library and Users -- ALL EMPTY.

When I go to Network in System Preferences Show: Network Status is says Airport is turned on but is not connected to a network. When I Show: AirPort It is set on a specific network and in the network box I typed in the network address used on my laptop and on another computer (they both work fine). We are all connected to AirPort Express.

If I use the Network Set up Asst. I type in the name of the network, but when I enter the password I use to add software or make changes on the computer it tells me the password is invalid.

I would appreciate any help with this it is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance for your help.


P.S. I am on Panther OS X 10.3.9 Wireless card Firmware version: 400.17 (3.90.34.p11)
Try setting up another user account. Give it Admin privileges so you can use the Network Setup Asst. Log is as the new account and see if you can connect to the network that way.