iMac G5 Questions...


Seeing that Apple is now moving to Intel processor's should I get an iMac G5 early next year while it's still with an IBM chip (around March 2005/April, right after tax returns) or should I wait till after the transition?
I'm sort of in the same spot as you RG.I came close to getting the 20 in.but then I waited til this news hit the fan.I'm seriously considering keeping this G4 til it drops dead in it's tracks.:(
I'm no expert, but i would wait till after the transition.

i don't know if you remember or not, but the "second transition" from 9.2.2 to 10.0 was very buggy and 10 didn't run as smoothly as 10.4 does today.
At least wait till then to decide. I still don't believe Intel has anything in the pipeline that can compete head to head with the G5 for a good 12 to 18 months. I doubt that Intel will get to 4.0 before the end of the year. I can almost guarantee that IBM will at least get to 3.0 by the end of the year and we will see it in a powermac. I still think that even late 2006/2007 the PPC will still be ahead a few notches. Unless a lot of users demand 64 bits on their desktops Intel isn't going to force the issue.

If Apple is going to keep their 6 Mac matrix products. Imac, emac, mini, powermac, powerbook, ibook. We'll see the pentium M come first in the laptops since that is where the highest demand looks to be as well as the mini for a cheap desktop computer, possibly a tablet. Late Late 2006 we should see the imac go with Intels new chip not the pentium and then early 2007 the MP powermacs will come on line. Now where does the xserves fit in? I still believe that Apple is going to stick with IBM here. Time will tell. This is also a great play for apple with the schools. Hey mr superintendant. we'll sell you Mac on intel and if you aren't happy just load up Windoze onto it and you didn't even have to buy any new hardware.
After watching the Keynote i decided. I'm going to get one while it's still PowerPC in a iMac G5. The Main reason why is because of the software i have. 100% of my Apple software is designed for PowerPC, something about the now having to read the software box and picking up the wrong thing would kinda tick me off espically with something pricey, like Adobe CS2

I'll cant wait to get my iMac :D

Okay...i'm confused again, just saw the part on should wait, but i want a Mac Desktop :mad: