Imac G5 With Odd Sleep Issue


Like randys007 *sleep problem* , my imac has recently developed a type of narcolepsy. It will suddenly fall asleep, can be reawakened with a key touch but will, once it starts, fall back asleep again and again. I shut down and wait 20 minutes or so and it works for sometimes a long while, days, until it happens again. I seem to have trouble viewing mapquest now, but I never did before a few weeks ago.

My research online tells me I am not the only one with this problem.

This began a short while after installing the sleep light update, but I don't know if that has anything to do with the issue.

Talking with a tech on Apple support, I was instructed to throw away the plist for power management and to manually reset the smu inside the machine. Did that. Still happens randomly.

I have archived & installed, run disk utility and hardware check (no problems detected), repaired permissions.

Apple knowledge base articles addressing this issue said to upgrade to 10.3.8, but I am already past that.

I called a local Mac repair and he quickly said it was the logic board. Do you agree? Has there been any fix for this? I have read several forum-posts with this problem, but have not read how or if the problem was fixed.

imac G5
1.8 ghz
purchased Nov, 2004

Thanks for your help. Carole
I seem to be having the same problem with my PB 15"... sometimes I can re-awaken it from sleep, sometimes I have to re-awaken it 5 times, sometimes it will just not wake up at all and I have to disconnect the battery and power supply and restart it.. only for it to start all over again.

To me it seems to be a software issue, but I will try resetting the PRAM or possibly the PMU to see if it helps..

Anyone else having these issues??