iMac Hard Drive upgrade


If I were to drop a western digital caviar 80 gig drive into my Blueberry iMac 333, would it run a bunch hotter than the stock 6 gig drive that came with it?

What kinds of problems would I be seeing if it were running too hot? What could I do to check to see if were specifically related to the drive?

At the same time I did it, I upgraded to 10.1 and put new RAM in it (yeah, yeah, I know, probably a bad idea to do all at once) but I'm crashing at random in classic now, and I don't know if it's because of RAM, software, drive, or some combination of all.



The drive won't run hotter because it has a larger storage capacity. It would run hotter if it ran at a higher RPM.

When you say you're crashing at random in classic - is it just classic that's crashing or (I know this is unlikely but) it it crashing your entire machine?


It rus at the same RPM, so I guess that removes one thing from consideration. I was just worried that more platters and more heads would draw more power.

It seems like whenever I do hit a freeze in classic, it freezes the whole GUI. I ususally can still use remote ssh sessions, but with the GUI down, it's as good as dead. I also get random disconnections from other 10.1 and 9.2 machines when I'm transferring large files, so I don't know if its symptomatic of a hardware or software problem.