iMac Install CD?? For iMacs only??

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I have a 6500 and am trying to use the iMac 266 Install CD to restore it to OS 8.5 and It gives me a message that i cant use it on my computer..

My question is this. Is the Install CD only for the iMac 266 or is it something on my 6500 that is not kosher?
No only are you not supposed to do that (as Apple's installer is telling you), but even if it allowed you, the System might not boot anyway.

Unfortunately, you need a generic OS Installation disc. Scrounge around. Or, I'm sure these people would love to sell you some old software:

note: According to this page ( ), only Mac OS up to version 7.5.3 (which can be upgraded to 7.5.5 free, easily) is given away free, these days.
You need to buy a proper copy of Mac OS. If you don't want to spend the money, then you could always run 7.5 which is available free as a download from Apple's website.

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