Imac internet connection problems


Hi, I have a Imac G3/233 front slot loading running 8.6 and I was wondering if anyone can help this Mac noob?

The problem is that I cannot connect to the internet.

It has a internal ethernet card.. built in. with my pc I can go into the router config and see the imac. But when I try to connect to the internet on the imac, it wont let me.. HELP!!!!! LOL..

I have tried turning on dhcp (where the router automatically gives the config to the network card) And have tried manually config of the network card..

I have tcp/ip turned on.

I am trying to delve into the world of macs. I got this imac about 3 weeks ago and still cannot connect..
Make sure In Control Panels-->TCP/IP that you have the Built-In Ethernet selected for the network options. It's a drop down list at the top of the TCP/IP Control Panel. Set it to Ethernet and make sure that you set it back to DHCP. It will pick it up if configured properly. I have two older Macs that are set this way and they get out to the Internet (68040 Quadra 650, PPC604e StarMax 4000).
Also, make sure that the router is giving out the DNS nameservers to the DHCP clients. The Mac will pick this up from the router if configured properly.
This thing has got me very very perplexed!!! I have the built-in ethernet chosen.. and the dns nameservers are listed in the tcp/ip.. but I still cant connect..

(wondering if it is worth it?)
with older OS's like 8.6 I had to use the gateway (your rour Ip) and the DNS from your ISP provider.

Hope that helps
If your router is configured properly with the DNS, it should not only be supplying the DHCP clients (be they Mac or PC) with the IP, subnet mask, and gateway, but it should also be supplying the DNS nameservers from your ISP and the domain name. This is how I have my Linksys WRT54G set up. On the router in the section where it acts as a DHCP server, it should have the sections not only for the range of IPs within the DHCP scope, but also the relevant gateway and the ISP's DNS nameservers and domain name. If you have that set up properly, then that will be sent out to the DHCP clients when they request a lease.

Once that's set, all you need to do on your Mac is set it to "using DHCP server." Also, make sure that your User Mode is set to Basic (in the menu for the TCP/IP Control Panel, go to Edit-->User Mode, select Basic, and click OK. Then close the TCP/IP Control Panel.).

BTW, my Quadra is running System 7.6.1 and it's able to connect out, as is my StarMax running Mac OS 9.1.
Yep.. Basic is listed in the tcp/ip stack.. I have dhcp turned on.. the internal ethernet chosen. dns inputed.. everything that everyone has been saying to do.. *grinning* Still nothing.. still cant connect..