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Using iMac G5 I cannot get into MAIL. When I try to register I am not sure what to put in the various boxes. e.g. I have BT internet broadband, do I use POP or what?
I'm afraid I am very green at this. I have an old LC11 which really was intuitive, but OSX is surely not. Thanks. Dennis


Did you go to 'A Guide to BT Yahoo! Mail' and walk through the (impressive) interactive animation?
I clicked on the 'Step by step guides', 'Setting up email in Outlook Express', 'Manual setup (Mac or Windows)', and finally 'Mac OS' links.


Based on the information from the animation:
Launch 'Mail', select the 'Mail, Preferences...' menu item, click on the toolbar's 'Accounts' icon button, and then click on the '+' icon button.

Under 'General Information':
Select 'POP' from the 'Account Type:' popup menu, enter a user name (or equivalent) for 'Account Description:' ('dens', for example), enter your 'Full Name' (optional), enter a valid 'Email Address' ('', for example), and then click the 'Continue' button.

Under 'Incoming Mail Server':
Enter '' as the 'Incoming Mail Server:', User Name (again, if not already filled in), the respective user's Password, and then click the 'Continue' button.

Under 'Incoming Mail Security':
Click the 'Continue' button.
( You can always edit your account's settings later. )

Under 'Outgoing Mail Server':
Enter '' as the 'Outgoing Mail Server:'.

Hmmm, one typically would enter '' (as in this example); but then, as per the animation '' is shown.
So if you fail to send any e-Mails, return to this account and change the 'Outgoing Mail Server' from '' to ''.

Make sure the 'User Name:' and 'Password:' fields contain the correct information, and the 'Use Authentication' check box has a check mark present. Click the 'Continue' button.

Under 'Account Summary':
Review the information, clicking the 'Go Back' button to locate and enter any corrections; otherwise, click on the 'Continue' button.

Under 'Conclusion':
Click the 'Create Another Account' button to create an additional e-Mail account, or the 'Done' button.

Under the 'Account Information' tab, and its related 'Server Settings...' button's panel - you should see all the information entered via the steps taken above. Again, you can edit the various fields accordingly.

Once satisfied with the settings, close the 'Accounts' window, and begin using 'Mail'.


My previous on Mac Mail now redundant. I actually found a BT 'helper' who had heard of Mac & knew what he was talking about & could give me the relevant info. What I would like is a suggestion as to a good book on OSX10.4 & best(?) virus/maintenace software. Thanks Dennis


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There's not need for antivirus software on the Mac - unless you want to protect your PC contacts. Maintenance software: Just be sure to have a FireWire or USB-2 drive connected to your Mac and create regular backups of your work.


Thanks fellers,
I'll look out the book - author Pogue, and save on anti-virus. Now struggling with an Epson scanner - I'll get there in the end. Dennis (UK)


dens said:
Is Versiontracker better (easier to use) than The latter looks a bit complex to me as a computer innocent. Dennis

versiontracker is a website not a utility program the link I gave you leads to Yasu which IMO is easier, friendlier and most of all free compare to cocktail which is a shareware. I've been trying ONYX aswell (look for it @ and find it a bit complicated.

you should be able to find out more on the subject here

hope you find what suits you best