iMac Strawberry....


My friend has a 2nd Generaton iMac Strawberry (not the very first model, but 2nd) and upped his ram to full capacity. Does anyone know if such a setup is capable of running OSX.1? I know you need 128MB ram to run X, but I did not know what maxed out for that system meant. I am sure there is someone out there that has like nine mac systems going back to day one that can answer this question.

Just curious, I told him he should check out X, hell he should check out OS9, but I am not sure if his system is able to run either.

Yes, he should be able to run OS X on that machine. If it's maxed out in terms of the original specs, then I believe it's got 256MB of RAM.
For what it's worth. I've got a Blueberry iMac of the same vintage, and decided to try 10.1 on it (it had previously been running Linux). It's only got 160MB (and it's just a G3/266/256K-L2), but it performs better than Linux (KDE2) ever did on it. I'm actually shocked at how well it works. No, Linux is not going back on it. ;)

Now, I'm starting to wonder if it wouldn't be worth getting a little memory for my old Wallstreet PB and upgrade it too..... And, I'm the guy with "like nine mac systems going back to day one..." Last count was something like 14...
Well, I have a Rev.B iMac (same as the original but with more vram and a better graphics chip) with 196MB and I'm running 10.1 fine. It's not quite as speedy as 9.1, but nearly. Any flavoured iMac with enough ram should be a fine candidate for 10.1. Stay away from 10.0-10.0.4 though. It wasn't really quick enough for everyday use if you had to be productive.