imac unable to connect to internet


Unable to connect to internet through a dial up, internal modem.

I have an iMac, “DV” slot load, running OS 9.2.2

After replacing the crashed hard drive, everything worked fine except I was unable to log on to the internet. When I attempt to log on I get an error message that says:

Connection Error (666) device not ready: - 321

The modem is having trouble connecting properly.
Make sure that your computer can access the modem, and that the modem is enabled and selected in the Network section of the System Preferences.

I’ve done a clean install, run Disk Warrior, and Norton Disk Doctor, installed a different internal modem, with the same results.

The only other problem I find is with the Modem Control Panel.
At the top of the widow it should say, “Connect via:” with a drop down menu to the right that allows a selection of internal modem, modem port, printer port, etc.
However, mine simply says “Connect via: No serial port available.”

Any ideas on what is happing or what to try will be appreciated.
So it doesn't show any of the other modems in that list? You should have something that says "iMac 56K modem" if that's what it had. If that doesn't show, you might have to do a Custom Install from the Mac OS 9 Install CD and then search within the options for anything having to do with Remote Access or Modems and check them to be installed.
No, it does not show any other modem. In fact, next to the statment, "Connect vis:" where there is suppose to be a pull down menu, there is no pull down menu. There is only the statement (not in a pull down Menu) that says, "No serial port available."

I will look again at doing a custom install. However, after installing the new hard drive, I formated the drive and installed a the same OS that I had previously done. When that didn't work, I checked to see if all the TCP, Modem, Internet, Remote Access were there. They were, so in case something was currupt I did a clean install.
When you replaced the hard drive, did you make sure you plugged in all those cables?
There were only two things to plug back in (Power and Data cables). Memory cards had to also be put back. It was after that, when the moden would not connect. I was more concerned about not pluging something back in when I had to go deeper to replace the modem. I had a good manuel to show all the steps on that, so I believe everything is back as it should be.
Assuming that you did a full install, including internet software, and that you grounded yourself before touching the logic board, I am thinking that there is a cable that is not snug in its port.
I have a G4 (400MHZ), running MacOs 9.2 and MacOs 10.3.4. I have a dial up internet connection. I am able to connect on MacOs 9.2 with no problem, but not connection is possible on MacOs 10.3.4. I am using the same isp provider, I am following all the steps they post on their web site but after trying to connect for three seconds it just disconnect . Is there any known problem using the same setting (password, account name, dns numbers and so on)in both operating systems?