Images not Loading in Safari


I think that you need to wait longer. One of the images doesn't show for me, but all of the others do. However, the site seems to have a slow connection.

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Microsoft started Windows in 1981, three years before the introduction of the Mac. It was in a very poor state. Apple licensed the Mac system to Microsoft, but only for Windows 1.0. Microsoft used Mac technology in Windows 2.0, for which Apple sued and lost. Microsoft got its start in the microcomputer industry by stealing a BASIC interpreter from DEC in 1975 and selling it for the Intel 8080-based Altair 8800 microcomputer. From there Microsoft spread its influence far and wide. Microsoft BASIC was an essential element of TRS-DOS, the OS for Radio Shack's TRS-80, most CP/M-based computers, and so many more. Intel was an established manufacturer of microprocessors before the Apple I was invented. Its 8-bit 8080 and Zilog's 8080 clone, the Z80, were the basis most of the microcomputers sold in the world between 1975 and 1981.


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That page loads fine for me showing all images, not slow at all (10.4.1).


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Well it seems to work fine for you guys, which must mean that its my machine thats having problems. Im really sick of this! Could you please lead me in some direction as to fixing this?


I hav the same prob. like you but only in Apple site almost all the pages :-(.
A guy just told me to try to repair safari and the MAC with " AppleJack " but cann"t d/l it from the site :
maybe it will help you to if we can d/l it "
P.S. it is since 4 months i hav that prob. :mad:
see you, G3T


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G3T, Im getting the problem with Firefox too! so I know it's not limited to Safari alone...

And also, waiting for the page to load doesn't work either since it usually times out or just says it's loading but actually nothing at all is happening, and it would spin that "loading page" icon forever.