IMAP and


Anyone using with an IMAP account?

I tried it out and having a lot of minor problems, but overall it seems to work.

Some of the issues I have are....

- cannot define location of mailboxes (ie Inbox, sent-mail, etc).

- cannot define where to put mail after it has been read

- cannot double-click a message to open it in its own window. The preview pane is always present. I prefer a list of messages, and double-clicking to see the message.

If anyone has played around with an IMAP account and, I would love to hear what you think.
I'm using on multiple IMAP accounts at work. I notice the same issues you did, but add a few more.
1)Can't choose what account you "send" from (like you can in Claris Emailer or Netscape 6.0pr2/Mozilla)
2)no local "sent mail"folder
3)Filtering is rather sparse. I mean, it's nice, and works ok, but it would be nice if they were a bit more flexible. Example:allow users to set which order the rules were applied in.

Otherwise, I like it. I've been pretty darn happy with - I just wish there was a carbonized Claris Emailer that did IMAP. :)
This is the best function has. Ive sent back almost 40 spam emails already. For those who dont know what it does, it sends the email back as if it was sent to a unvalid account.
Using IMAP, I can get to all my other mail directories BUT the inbox. I can see that there are 3 new messages (or whatever #) but I cannot actually see the messages. I can, however, go to an old folder in the account and read old messages.

My POP accounts work fine though.
IMAP is working for me now. It's just a new day, that's all that has changed. I guess after setting the IMAP configurations in takes a complete reboot to get things running smoothly. I hope this is my last post on the subject!