Imap Failure On Panther Server 10.3.8?


I'm dying here.

I'm running Panther server, on which I have a handful of accounts. I've been afraid to upgrade to 10.3.9 because I've heard and read horror stories from people who did, and I'm still not sure it's safe.

So anyway, everything was working reasonably well until recently, about two weeks ago. That's when I could no longer get or send mail to my accounts on this server via

What was worse was that all my mail seemed to have disappeared! I checked my accounts via Webmail to find that the mail was all still there. I just couldn't get to show any of it, or handle any of it. The same program is still handling mail for larger outside providers just fine, so it's got to be my server.

Is there a straightforward, relatively easy to implement fix for this problem?

== Stevie V.