iMic Audio Passthrough


i have an iMic that i use with my G4 (466- u know, the one with no Mic socket (tut!))

anyway, does any one know how to get the audio to passthough, i.e. is it possible to speak into a mic connected to the iMic & hear it through the speakers?? :confused:

i have tried this in both MacOSX 10.0.4 & 9.1....


Official Bartender
I doubt there is in X, as there is no 'Input' tab on the Sound panel. Mind you, that said, I managed to make my TiBook feed back (!) when I opened the Speech control Panel, so perhaps there's something controlling it in there. If memory serves, the 'pass through' box is greyed out inder 9.1 as well, so perhaps you need to adjust some settings elsewhere.

I'm not in front of my TiBook at the moment, but when I get home I'll have a play and let you know.