iMic playthrough


I have an iMic connected to my mac. I can see the iMic on the sound system preference on 10.1. I can send sound to either my soundsticks or my wireless headphones (via the iMic) wihtout any problems.

I can also record sound without any problems. However, I cannot get the sound from the inpout source to playthrough to either the soundsticks or the iMic.

I had this working on Mac OS 9.

Any suggestions?

Same problem here. I exchanged some emails earlier with people from iMic (forgot the name of the company), and they told me that iMic would be better supported under OS X 10.1 because the Sound preference panel probably would have an input and output tab. Unfortunately I only see an output tab, where I indeed can select either my Cube speakers or my iMic. I guess, we're missing an input tab here. When I use something like SoundStudio, recording is ok, though you cannot hear anything while recording and the playthrough button is not enabled. If you have any updates on this, let me know. Likewise, I will do the same...

I emailed Waldo at Griffin technologies tech support, here's what he said:

In OS 9.x, our iMic Control Panel allowed you to select "Line In" and then
"playthrough" in the Sound control panel. We're working hard on the drivers
and control panels for OS X, so you'll be able to play through, but they
haven't been released yet. We haven't been given a firm release date, but it
should be soon and that news will be posted on our web site.

Personally, I can live with this for the near-future.