iMovie and importing movie file types


I'm not a digital video guy, so please excuse me if this is a dumb question.

Why in the world can't I import Quicktime files into iMovie? I'm guessing it has to do with frame rates or something. Or can I and am I just missing something?

If not, is there a file conversion tool anyone could recommend to convert Quicktime or other movie file types? Or do I have to somehow record out to a video to a deck and then import it back in to my iMovie?

I guess I expected iMovie to be something like Premiere. Would Final Cut allow me to do this?

I exported a quicktime .mov file from a Keynote presentation at full res. iMovie won't let me drag it into the media area. I've tried to import from iTunes and iPhoto, too. Does anyone know why iMovie won't let me do this?
OK, rather than make a new thread, how can I get the imovie folder that I saved on an external HD when doing a clean install, to work with the newly installed imovie?

I thought I could just open it or import it directly into iMovie but apparently not.

I am sooooo regretting messing with it.
Are the iMovie versions the same? If not, you may have compatibility issues between the versions.

yeah, they are both the same. I think I should have probably also saved some kind of pref file or something from the library.

I have zillions (well just over 2000 clips which are either DV movie or quicktime movie files but we only actually imported about 6 or 7 home videos via my cam's digital link. it took forever because they had to go in real time and the other half is moaning about all his hard work going down the drain.
ok... I seem to have two versions of iMovie 6 and 7... not sure which one he made them on... i'm guessing 7. either way don't seem to be able to import anything.