Imovie Audio Latency & Sticks When I Speed Up Clips


Hi, & thanks in advance for your suggestions & help.

I am using iMovie 3 (iMovie 3.0.3) & I have a PowerMac G4. I'm creating a home movie/music video for when my family visited this summer.

All of my clips will be fine with perfect audio and video until I drag them out of the clip pane & into the timeline viewer.

Some clips will then have weird, latent audio problems where i'll see the video of people talking at the amusement park, but the sound comes out of their mouths several seconds AFTER their mouths start moving! Consequently, the rest of the movie is out of sync with the sound of people talking, followed by the actual clip of them talking.

Or the sound of people talking will start in the clip before the actual clip of them talking is shown.

Also, if I change the clip speed--either make it faster or slow motion--the video sticks in that clip. It'll just freeze, then jump to the next clip, but the rest of the film will be off.

How can I get it to stop doing this. I don't want all of the clips to be normal speed.

I hope you can help me! Thanks!