Imovie Audio


When I add titling to video clips with audio content (from the camcorder) the volume is reduced. When it reaches the next (untitled) clip, it jumps up to default volume. Sounds awful. How can I retain the original volume settings so they are unaffacted by titling? I tried extracting all the audio clips, but the clips with titling do not extract. It is iMovie 3.0, and OSX 10.3.9.

Hey there,

I'm also experiencing this problem - but with iMovie 5.0 on 10.4.5 :( Did you ever resolve the issue?
Reading this post, I figure I might try to *first* extract the audio *then* add the title ... perhaps that might work. Sucks, though - as I'll have to redo the entire 50min video I just finished editing ;) Ah well - practise makes perfect, eh?