Imovie Compatability


I have read two questions from consumers that are having the same problem that I am having. It concerns the compatability of Sony Handycams with Mac computers and imovie. Just like the folks before me, that have been my inspiratiuon to write, I have had absolutely no luck with getting my Handycam to be recognized by my Mac. I am using a firewire cable that goes from a small i-link connector on the camera to a larger 6 pin firewire port on my G4 powerbook. I get nothing in imovie except NO CAMERA ATTACHED. Yes I have plugged the camera into ac power. Yes, I have the camera in play/edit mode. I have tried two different computers. Like the person - monkey, or Dariin that asked the question before, I have gotten the DV IN message on my camera before. Sometimes its there, sometimes its not. But it doesn't make a difference with the its compatability. It is just not getting recognized by the computers. Like the people before me I have tried Sony tech support. the final word was that I shoulkd send the camera in for repairs (after only months of ownership) but the flat rate would be over half the cost of the camera. The whole reason I got a digital camcorder was so that I could edit on the computer. I am getting a small sense that many people are having this problem. Can someone confirm that this IS an issue.