Imovie Copying Problems - From External Drive


Hello and thanks in advance.

During a move from panther to tiger I backed up a directory full of imovie projects from a fat32 formatted external drive (I use the external for both machines) to an NTFS formatted windows (win2k) machine. (imovie projects were originally captured onto the external from from the 12" 800mhz g4 ibook

Then I upgraded to tiger and Imovie HD on my mac

Next I formatted a western digital USB external hard drive with HFS+ using the mac

Using macdrive on the pc I copied the imovie directories over to the external drive.

Now using the mac I cannot open the imovie projects, nor can I open the clips in the media directory. But I can run the .mov file

I tried renaming a project file from .imovie2project to .imovieproject imovie says that it is upgrading the file from a newer version of imovie than it looks for clips and it can't find any.

I would like to be able to open the projects and edit them, and any help would be appreciated. I hope I have included all the necessary information
It sounds to me like your file hierarchy is messed up. This happens all the time with fellow college students I know. They go and copy FCP projects from one location to another and lose or relocate certain media files.

Why did you copy your imovie projects to a windows machine and not another external drive or DVD? That was probably the first mistake as windows has a whole different method of reading files.

If you have the originals backed up anywhere, I would copy from that to your new OS X formatted drive. I would use a firewire drive as well, not USB.
thanks mr/mrs guru I guess I'll just have to recopy the files over from the Digital 8 tapes - at least I'll know what to do for next time.

In case you were wondering - the only reason I copied it over to the windows machine is the lack of harddrive space on my ibook and I needed a place to put the files while I was reformatting the only external drive I had, to HFS+ (fat 32 limitations were driving me crazy).

I appreciate the help though.

-Dougthathug (a little older and wiser)