Imovie Crash


In my primary school we use a PowerBook G4 to
create movies for the kids. I've been working
for a few months on several projects at the
same time.

Yesterday, when emptying the wastebin for his
project, my colleague encountered an error
("something went wrong during operation"). He
has lost all the sequences in his project, but
fortunately I've been able to recover most of
them from a previous backup.

But obviously, it also damaged another project,
which was almost finished. All the sequences
have disappeared too! I had only a backup of
the iDVD project file, which seems to need the
MOV file from the iMovie directory.. which is
corrupted now.

Is there any chance to get the sequences back?
If not, I've lost 6 months of work with the
kids completely, as I do not have the original
tapes anymore.

Thank you very much for your help. Best regards,