iMovie events, calendars and imports


I'm working on some old DV tapes (from a Sony Digital 8, circa 2000). I've been doing this on and off for a number of years. Trying to get everything in so I can upgrade to Big Sur because I'm sure iMovie and this camera (most likely) won't talk to each other any more. And the camera is starting to die.

I'm able to get the video imported, but of course, iMovie says I'm importing the DVs in 2021, in June. I'm managed to change the titles of the events to ie KC 2004, Marathon DC 2002), but I'd like them to be in 2002 and 2004. So, question one: Is there anyway to change the dates simply? I tried to drag and that didn't work. I tried creating a "new event" but I can't create the new event in the year I want (otherwise I could copy and paste).

Q#2: The project I'm working on currently, saved as Thanksgiving 2007, shows up when I go to Projects and click on it. I managed to get the clips I needed from an import to "new event" after I discovered the event was in 2021, but how do I change the date to not be created in 2021? Or can it be? I mean, it's not that big a deal since the PROJECTS show up as created, but to keep things neat it would be nice.

And, I made the mistake of creating the PROJECT "Thanksgiving 2007" then importing directly vs importing into a new event. Half the video was in another PROJECT called My Movie 3, so I finally figured out to create a new event, copy, duplicate, delete from My Movie 3, and got everything into Thanksgiving 2007 PROJECT.

And I don't dare to "Consolidate Events" as I did that once many years ago and ended up with duplicates called New Event 1, New Event 2, etc etc with a date attached to them. I didn't dare delete anything so that decade worth of video is on an external.
:) I really like working in iMovie. I just find where stuff is saved and how a head scratcher. Speaking of which: where on the hard drive, under what are clips saved? Perhaps I could move the events to the dates that way?

Thanks in advance. This is 2021, right? (I had to do the update projects so it would show up in that calendar. :)