Imovie Hd & Canopus Advc100


Up till upgrading my iMovie from 4 to 5.01, I've successfully captured video into my Mac using my ADVC100 box. Now it doersn't find it. I've done all the normal tricks...powered up my G5 with analog signal running through the the ADVC100...powered on & off s everal times with iMovie open to establish contact by no joy. It It knows it's there & identifies it as a camera, but it won't receive picture or audio. Any ideas?
There appear to be quite a few people with similar postings about iMovie (and not just iMovie HD) suddenly stopping working for no apparent reason. (check out postings 167, 219, 288, and especially 506 in the Questions Asked list. I have experienced exactly the same problem as you - but there was no upgrade involved - iMovie at home just stopped working last night, with exactly the same symptom you describe (I have a Canopus box, as well.)

The only help that has been suggested - and it seems a little crazy - is that one of the sources suggested that opening Garage Band and playing a few notes on the on-line keyboard - seemed to solve the problem. I'm at work, so I haven't tried this suggestion - but will when I get home.

I'm going to post this as a new topic to see if there's any other general insight to this issue.

Good luck!