Imovie 'invisible" Files


I read this recently, and can't remember where. Apparently, in Panther, and Tiger, imovie files although you may delete them from within the imovie software, never really get deleted from your drive. There was a good reason for it, but i don't busy golfing this summer.....

When I add up ALL the folders disk space on my computer, i get about 12 gigs. (ie" Users, Applications, Library, System etc...)

When I look at what the computer tells me it has available, there is some 25 gigs for unaccounted used space, I cannot find. So out of a 60 gig drive i have only about 23 gigs available, where I should have almost 48 gigs....

There is a command line fix to delete "invisible" imovie files.

Does anyone know what this command is? Thanks..