Imovie Just Stopped Taking Dv In


I am using a Mac Mini with iLife 5 and Tiger.

Using iMovie for some time with variable results, but it has just stopped taking video from my canon MVX camera. It has been working fine in the past. The camera is still working with my PC and DVD Recorder, but just won't work with iMovie.

I have tried restarts, and even removed iMovie and reinstalled it (and all the other applications) from my Mac Mini restore DVD.

Before I take the final option and reformat my entire machine, does anyone else have any advice on what I could try ?


A bit more information on this problem - I have just realised that my iSight has also stopped working in iMovie. It works ok with iChat (auto recognises and then just works), but when in iMovie it just says "No Camera Attached". Even killing iChat does not make this camera (or the Canon MVX) work in iMovie.

Is there some way to reset the firewire/camera drivers inside iMovie ?